New MicroMasters® Programs: Gain In-Demand Knowledge to Advance Your Career [14149]

Today, we are excited to announce 16 new MicroMasters programs from the world’s top universities.

With 12 of our prestigious university partners, we are offering new MicroMasters programs across in-demand fields such as business analytics, digital product management, cybersecurity and data science. These programs build on the success of the MicroMasters product launch in September 2016, when edX and 14 international partners debuted 19 programs in topics like artificial intelligence and supply chain management.

Columbia UniversityRochester Institute of Technology and Curtin University continue their participation in the MicroMasters initiative, offering additional, new programs to learners worldwide. And, we are excited to welcome new partners to MicroMasters programs, includingBoston UniversityUniversity of PennsylvaniaThe University of California, San DiegoDelft University of Technology (TU Delft)The RWTH Aachen UniversityUniversity of British ColumbiaUniversity System of Maryland and others. We are thrilled to offer these new programs, further empowering all learners, everywhere, to improve their lives and advance their careers.

With MicroMasters programs, we are helping to bridge the knowledge gap between higher education and the workplace by offering content and credentials in the most in-demand fields and skills needed for success in today’s rapidly-evolving and tech-driven world. These credit-eligible, career-relevant programs are free to try, and can help advance careers and offer a pathway to an accelerated Master’s program. Top employers, including industry-leading companies like IBM, PWC, Hootsuite, Bloomberg, Fidelity and more, recognize MicroMasters programs for real-time, real-world relevancy.

MicroMasters programs extend our mission to increase access to high-quality education in a flexible and affordable way. Continue reading to learn more about our new MicroMasters programs.

Data Science and Analytics

When it comes to the most coveted and in-demand jobs in the age of digitalization, data dominates. Data-driven decision-making is fast replacing gut-level heuristics in most aspects of business and academics, including marketing, product design, human resources, research and experimentation, and customer experience. Data Scientist is the number one job in the U.S., according to Glassdoor’s “Best Jobs” report, which is determined by three factors – number of job openings, salary and overall job satisfaction rating. Data Engineer and Analytics Manager are also included in the top five.

Dive into this emerging field today with the following MicroMasters programs:

Business Analytics – Columbia University

First course starts May 22



Data Science – The University of California, San Diego

First course starts June 1

San Diego


Big Data – University of Adelaide

First course starts May 15 



Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods – The Georgia Institute of Technology

First course starts May 15 



Computer Science

Companies continue to be driven by technology and computation, from moving information to the cloud to enabling technologies to protect themselves from hackers. Today’s organizations increasingly need employees trained in computer science disciplines like cybersecurity, software development and cloud computing to keep up with technological needs and demands. For example, in 2015, job-market analytics company Burning Glass reported that cybersecurity openings grew three times as fast as IT jobs overall.

Explore these MicroMasters programs and jumpstart a career in computer science:

Cybersecurity – Rochester Institute of Technology

First course starts March 21



Cloud Computing – University of Maryland University College

First course starts May 31

umuc_200x101ENROLL TODAY

Software Development – The University of British Columbia

First course starts April 25

ubcx-200x101_0ENROLL TODAY

Software Testing and Verification – University of Maryland University College

First course starts May 31

umuc_200x101ENROLL TODAY

Hybrid Jobs

By mixing traditional business knowledge, like management or relationship-building, with new in-demand skills like data analytics and digital technologies, hybrid jobs are the hot new thing taking the workforce by storm. They not only create exciting opportunities for new careers across almost all industries, but also pay well above the national average salary.

Check out these MicroMasters programs in hybrid fields and discover how you can tap into this booming job market:

Digital Product Management – Boston University

First course starts July 31

boston_logo_200x101_0_0ENROLL TODAY

Digital Leadership – Boston University

First course starts May 31

boston_logo_200x101_0_0ENROLL TODAY

Managing Technology & Innovation: How to deal with disruptive change – The RWTH Aachen University

First course starts May 17

rwthx-logo-200x101aENROLL TODAY

Marketing in the Digital World – Curtin University

First course starts May 1 

curtin-university-200x101ENROLL TODAY

Bioinformatics – University of Maryland University College

First course starts May 31

umuc_200x101ENROLL TODAY

Instructional Design and Technology – University of Maryland University College

First course starts May 31

umuc_200x101ENROLL TODAY


Engineers are, and always have been, at the forefront of big technological revolutions. Half of today’s jobs will not exist in 2030 due to automation, which means engineers who know and understand machine learning will remain ever vital to companies.

These new MicroMasters programs include engineering offerings in two topical fields: robotics and solar energy, which is taught by the first-ever edX Prize for Exceptional Contributions in Online Teaching winner, Professor Arno Smets. Gain the skills needed to shape ‘what’s next’ in technology.

Robotics – University of Pennsylvania

First course starts April 17

pennx-logo12012015-200x101ENROLL TODAY

Solar Energy Engineering – Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

First course starts April 25

delft_logo_200x101_0ENROLL TODAY

Enroll in a MicroMasters course today and start gaining the in-demand knowledge you need to launch or advance your career.

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