Investment Analysis [3935]

Investment analysis develops the concepts and tools needed to analyze publicly traded securities (e.g., stocks, bonds, options and futures), and apply these tools to real world situations. The course deals with the nature of the securities that trade in the market place, the determination of securities prices, the relationships between these prices, and the optimal choice of a portfolio or trading strategy involving these securities. This course will prepare you to understand and intelligently apply AFTP trading strategies.

    • Course Objectives

Investment analysis develops the concepts and tools needed to analyze publicly traded securities (e.g., stocks,bonds, options and futures), and apply these tools to real world situations. The course deals with the nature of the securities that trade in the market place, the determination of securities prices, the relationships between these prices, and the optimal choice of a portfolio or trading strategy involving these securities. You will apply the tools you learn in class to analyze different fixed-income, equity, and derivative securities and portfolios. You will also learn some basic empirical facts about security returns in the class. Investment Analysis is not a course about how to pick stocks. Instead, it is a course about how to pick portfolios and design strategies. Generally, financial markets are efficient, so there is no such thing as a free lunch. Don't despair! This means that if you understand the basics of financial pricing models, you can find strategies that do well, on average. Once you understand basic arbitrage pricing techniques, you will learn how to identify and take advantage of arbitrage situations.

    • Textbook

The textbook for this course is Modern Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis, by Elton, Gruber, Brown, and Goetzmann, 7th edition (EGBG). I will hand out copies of my lecture notes as we go through the semester. I will put copies of the class lectures and supplementary reading materials on the AFTP course wall, which can be accessed from your profile.

Course Summary
  • Instructor: Dr. Anisha Ghosh, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Start Date: Monday, June 17 2013
  • Duration: 7 weeks
  • Difficulty: Introductory
  • Prerequisites: See here
Week 1: Course Introduction 
Course objectives and intended outcomes 
Main types of publicly traded securities 
Risk-return characteristics of securities 
Market indexes 
The economic theory of choice under certainty 
Market equilibrium 
Lecture slides
EGBG Chapters 1-4
Week 2: Mean-Variance Analysis 
Mean-variance portfolio theory 
Characteristics of a portfolio of several assets 
Mean-variance efficient frontier 
Solution to the portfolio problem 
Implementing the portfolio problem 
Lecture slides
EGBG Chapters 5-9
Week 3: The CAPM 
Assumptions and Derivation 
Empirical Evidence 
Lecture slides
EGBG Chapters 13-15
Week 4: Efficient Markets Hypothesis 
Different forms of the EMH 
Empirical evidence on weak-form 
Empirical evidence on semi-strong form 
Empirical evidence on strong form 
Lecture slides
EGBG Chapters 17-20
Week 5: Bond Pricing 
Valuing bonds 
Bond prices and spot rates 
The term structure of interest rates 
Bond arbitrage 
Risk measurement for fixed income 
Lecture slides
EGBG Chapters 21-22
Week 6: Option pricing 
Types of Options 
Put-Call Parity 
The Binomial Option Pricing Model 
The Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model 
Lecture slides
EGBG Chapters 23
Week 7: Evaluation of Portfolio Performance 
Evaluation of Portfolio Performance 
Performance Evaluation in the Presence of Market Timing 
Portfolio Management 
Active Versus Passive Portfolio Management 
Lecture slides
EGBG Chapters 25,27
    • Evaluation

There will be five homework assignments for the course. Since so much of the material is quantitative in nature, I have found that students never really grasp the material until they work through it for themselves. The homework in the course is designed to help you think carefully about the material in class. The assignments will consist of multiple choice type questions. The assignments are to be completed and submitted online. You need to complete all the assignments and secure a passing grade in order to receive certification from the professor.
    • Prerequisites
There are no specific prerequisites. An introductory level economics or finance course will certainly help but is by no means essential. I shall be covering all topics starting with fundamentals assuming no prior knowledge and refer you to additional resources where necessary.
Course Details
  • Video Lectures: Weekly
  • Assignments: Weekly
  • Certification: Upon securing passing grade
  • Time Commitment: 5-10 hours/week
  • Collaborative learning:Yes. Click here
  • TAs: None
  • Max Enrollment: 5000

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15:40 - Аналитик энергомонополии Рината Ахметова рассказал об идеальных текущих ценах на уголь
15:40 - Глава “Укравтодора” назвал направление первой концессионной автодороги в Украине
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15:28 - Глава Правительства: Ключевая мотивация объединения общин - получение ресурсов и полномочий
15:28 - Премьер-министр о перезагрузке работы Правительства: В 10 министерствах будет создана новая структура
15:28 - Премьер-министр обозначил ключевые приоритеты децентрализации
15:21 - Глава Уряду: Ключова мотивація об'єднання громад - отримання ресурсів та повноважень
15:21 - Прем'єр-міністр про перезавантаження роботи Уряду: В 10 міністерствах буде створено нову структуру
15:21 - Європейський інвестиційний банк готовий розширяти портфель співпраці з Україною
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15:21 - Геннадій Зубко: Підписані енергоефективні закони дадуть мультиплікативний ефект для економіки
15:21 - Уряд розпочав верифікацію субсидій, - Геннадій Зубко
14:12 - Павло Розенко: Борги з проведення розрахунків за субсидії будуть погашені підприємствам відразу після набуття чинності змін до держбюджету
14:12 - Прем'єр-міністр окреслив ключові пріоритети децентралізації
14:12 - Прем'єр-міністр ініціює розробку законопроекту про передачу землі поза населеними пунктами об'єднаним тергромадам
14:12 - Уряд розраховує на ухвалення пакету законопроектів по пенсійній, освітній та медичній реформам вже у вересні, - Володимир Гройсман
13:56 - У Александра Данилюка включили Приватбанк в единую систему верификации бюджетных выплат
13:56 - Троекратная девальвация гривни спасла интерес канадской Black Iron к добыче железной руды в Украине
13:56 - Петр Порошенко подписал закон “О Фонде энергоэффективности”
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